Study Multimedia Communication Technologies 2017. Electrical and Computer Engineering, master one-year


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Course ID Course Semester Type
1.1.5.МЕ.МК.1 Audio-Video Technologies 1.semester Elective
1.1.5.МЕ.МК.2 Audio-Video Production 1.semester Elective
1.1.5.МЕ.МК.3 Data Compression 1.semester Elective
1.1.5.МЕ.МК.4 Digital TV Broadcasting 1.semester Elective
1.1.5.МЕ.МК.5 IP Technologies 1.semester Elective
1.1.5.МЕ.МК.6 Cable and Wireless Broadband Communications 1.semester Elective
1.1.5.МЕ.МК.7 Sound Engineering 1.semester Elective
1.1.5.МЕ.МК.8 Security in Multimedia Systems 1.semester Elective
2.1.5.МЕ.МК.1 Interactive Multimedia Applications 2.semester Elective
2.1.5.МЕ.МК.2 Human and multimedia 2.semester Elective