Study Computer Engineerin 2014. Electrical and Computer Engineering, master one-year


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Course ID Course Semester Type
1.1.5.МЕ.РИ Biomedical engineering 1.semester Compulsory
1.2.5.МЕ.РИ Data mining 1.semester Compulsory
1.3.5.МЕ.РИ.1 Database tools 1.semester Elective
1.3.5.МЕ.РИ.2 Infrastructure for e-commerce 1.semester Elective
1.4.5.МЕ.РИ.2 Development of Internet application 1.semester Elective
1.4.5.МЕ.РИ.1 Parallel computer systems 1.semester Elective
1.5.5.МЕ.РИ.1 Computer networks 2 1.semester Elective
1.5.5.МЕ.РИ.2 Computer graphics 1.semester Elective
2.МЕ.МР Master thesis work 2.semester Compulsory
1.3.5.МЕ.РИ.3 Infrormation literacy 1.semester Elective
2.МЕ.РИ Student's Internship 2.semester Compulsory